WWE Teases Huge Relationship Storyline On Twitter


Is another on screen relationship brewing in The WWE?

While nothing concrete has been confirmed as of yet, several publications have made note of the fact that WWE seems to be teasing a relationship between Bruan Strowman and Alexa Bliss on Twitter. The company even published a tweet that showed the two superstars in a heart framed picture and claimed that they were kind of cute.

Its no secret that WWE has teased a on screen relationship between the two ever since they teamed up together for The Mixed Match challenge, but WWE has yet to pull the trigger on a full on relationship. With that being said, some see the relationship as unrealisticĀ  due to the fact that Strowman is a babyface r and Bliss is a heel, but WWE has pulled off crazier things in the past.

On the other hand, WWE is seemingly trying to push Bruan Strowman as the company’s next top guy and an on screen relationship with Alexa Bliss could help with that. The storyline could also be beneficial for Bliss and add another interesting layer to her current title reign. It could even culminate in a special moment between the two at Summerslam if WWE plays their cards right.

In the end, it might be wishful thinking for these two popular superstars to get together, but WWE seems to keep teasing that it will eventually happen. In fact, WWE even had the two flirt with each other in the go home show before Money in The Bank, which is a positive sign that the company is at least open to the idea of doing an on screen relationship.

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