WWE Legend Teases Huge Return At The Royal Rumble Pay Per View



The Royal Rumble pay per view is only a short ways away and while the event will host the annual 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble match, it will now feature a women’s Royal Rumble match as well. This is of course the first time a match like this has been done at the pay per view and opens the door for many different possibilities when it comes to who will enter the match.

With that being said, WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, took to Twitter after the announcement on Raw and talked up how great it was that WWE was finally doing a women’s version of the popular match. In fact, she even teased an appearance in the match by asking where her boots were doing the message to her followers. While this isn’t a definite done deal yet, it does open the door to some interesting possibilities of who will compete in this match.

The addition of former talent to the match would help build today’s women’s division in a very unique way and also give The WWE Universe a chance to see the Women stars of yesterday contribute to the current revolution that is taking place in The Women’s division.  Not only that, the addition of stars like Trish Stratus and other women that paved the way for today’s roster would also be a wonderful selling point for the pay per view

In the end, it will be really interesting to see what WWE chooses to do here. Sure, they have taken a big step by finally having a women’s Royal Rumble match, but just like the allure of the Miss Money In The Bank ladder match on Smackdown Live, it can fail miserably if not done correctly. With that being said, here’s hoping WWE takes this match seriously and are serious about elevating the women to another level.



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