WWE fan caught sexually harassing Sasha Banks during Raw

Sasha Banks returned to Monday Night Raw this week after months away from the company and beat Natalya to an absolute pulp. Becky Lynch tried to come to Natayla’s aid and stop the brawl but was met with a beatdown of her own that featured a multitude of chair shots.

Unfortunately for Banks, who could arguably be on the cusps of a career-defining heel run, the experience wasn’t without its incidents and one had to do with fans in attendance. One fan, in particular, could even be heard catcalling Banks during her attack on Lynch

While Banks was at ringside assessing the damage she had done and taking the moment in, a fan could be heard shouting, looking good baby, before whistling at her. Of course, the incident had no impact on the moment at all but seems to show the very outdated mentality of The WWE Universe.

With that being said and The Women’s Revolution still going strong years later, one would think that The WWE Universe would have more respect for a Superstar that helped take the division to the next level. Furthermore, you would think they would be happy seeing Lynch and Banks go head to head and not focused on looks.

If nothing else, it proves that sexism is still alive and well in The WWE Universe, and no amount of inspirational storylines and main event matches at WrestleMania are going to change that. To some fans, these women will likely be nothing more than models and an excuse for a piss break.

For the fans that are in a more modern-day mindset, they have the benefit of seeing the true potential of The Women’s revolution and get to see arguably the best women’s division The WWE has offered in quite a long time.

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