WWE Caught Breaching Contract During Greatest Royal Rumble


WWE made history in Saudi Arabia last week when The Greatest Royal Rumble was broadcast live from The city of Jeddah for a nine match supercard. Unfortunately for the entertainment company that is reported to have gotten a huge payoff for hosting this event there, they apparently breached the terms of their contract by showing women superstars at the event.

The moment occurred various times throughout the night where commercials featured WWE women superstars, which was something that the city of Jeddah said was not allowed. The commercials were also played inside the stadium, and fans could be heard booing them

The move was seen as controversial due to the fact that WWE is in the midst of a Women’s Revolution, where women are supposed to be on the same level as men in the companies view. In the end, its going to be hard to take that message seriously after what WWE pulled in Saudi Arabia last Friday night, but maybe the company will make it up to the fans and the women with some opportunity in the future.

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