Why UCF Shouldn’t Be Calling Themselves Champions After Defeating Auburn



In what had to be the feel good story of the year for Orlando, The UCF Knights were able to defeat The Auburn Tigers  34-27 in the Peach Bowl and finish their season as the only undefeated college football team in the nation.  While that is a pretty extraordinary feat, especially after going 0-12 one year and then going 6- 7 under Scott Frost one year later, the team seems to have this misguided mindset that they are somehow champions.

Although Frost and The UCF Knights have done something very special in going undefeated throughout the entire 2017 season and then upsetting SEC heavyweight, Auburn in a game for the ages, they still haven’t proven themselves against the top tier teams in the country  Sure, UCF had some high profile wins in beating Memphis, South Florida and even Auburn, but you have to look at their strength of schedule as well.

While Auburn did win their first encounter against The Georgia Bulldogs 40-7, they also lost to LSU 27-23 and then lost to Clemson 14-6. Those two losses were followed up with a loss to The Georgia Bulldogs, which left the Auburn Tigers out of the playoffs . With that being said,  Auburn might have had some success against the upper tier teams at times, but they also failed to get the job done as well.

Of course many fans are going to point to the fact that Auburn beat Alabama in The Iron Bowl this year as proof that UCF is  the rightful champion of  College Football, but that argument dissipates easily when you consider Alabama’s strength of schedule versus that of UCF. Sure, the strength of schedule wasn’t that different, but Bama clearly deserves top billing after defeating Clemson, and LSU.

Compare that to UCF  and while their two ranked wins versus Memphis and seventh ranked Auburn are very high points for the team, they were taken to the limit by a 23rd ranked USF and also had close calls with Memphis on their second outing. With that being said, and the departure of Robert Frost from the historic school, UCF needs to shut their mouths, accept their victory and get ready for next season.

If not, UCF risks being a toxic hype train that will quickly derail when they are actually put up against a top ranked  opponent like Alabama, LSU, Georgia or Clemson.  Not only that, they also risk falling down in the rankings if they spend more time complaining about not being in the championship game and less time focusing on the stellar play that got them to The Peach Bowl.

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