Why Fans Shouldn’t Be Worried About Jimmie Johnson’s Poor Performance

Lack of storylines causing NASCAR to get desperate.

As has been proven above, Jimmie Johnson’s slump is not as bad as some media outlets are making it out to be! Unfortunately for Johnson and NASCAR to some extent, the sport is having trouble kick starting its promised rookies versus veterans storyline and needs something interesting to satisfy fans in the meantime.

In fact, why is NASCAR choosing to waste their time on covering Johnson’s supposed, downfall, instead of focusing on why other drivers are struggling. All of this would be fine if Johnson was the only one struggling to put themselves in a position to make the playoffs, but it just looks ridiculous when NASCAR chooses to focus on one drivers struggles and not on others.

Chase Elliott, Daniel Saurez, Erik Jones and William Byron are all miles behind the competition in points this season, but for some reason, NASCAR isn’t interesting in all that. Maybe that’s due to the fact that fans would literally riot if the media started trash talking future stars like Elliott and Byron, but its just an unfair way to do things.

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