Why Chase Elliott Fans Shouldn’t Be Hitting The Panic Button Just Yet

Its no secret that NASCAR fans are concerned with Chase Elliott’s performance so far this season and while he did ultimately wheel his Chevrolet to second last week at Martinsville, there is still a lot of doubt about whether he can be consistent or not.

Beyond that, there is doubt about whether Chase Elliott and his team can have the kind of luck required to win a race in THe Monster Energy Cup Series. Unfortunately for Elliott, the answer to that question seems to be no at the moment, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change!

In fact, fans worried about his performance this season should take a minute to check the stat book and take comfort in the fact that he is currently 9th in the standings. Not only is that a vast improvement from being 18th this time last year, it also makes him one of the most successful Chevrolet’s in the series right now.

Going further into the stat sheet, fans will also realize that Elliott usually takes a while before he gets settled into a season. While that means his first couple of races are usually hit or miss, he suddenly starts to become more and more consistent as time goes on.

Think about it! Elliott didn’t nab his first top five last season until Phoenix, which means that his second place finis at Martinsville is within is pattern of consistency. Furthermore, Elliott didn’t nab another top three finish until a few months later at Talladega and Richmond.

Again, there seems to be this feeling out period for Elliott until he finally finds his groove and starts to slowly starts to become competitive throughout the season. Finally there’s the second half of the year, where Elliott seems to be at his best and is thus at his most dangerous.

Interestingly enough though, some of Elliott’s best tracks, including Richmond, Kansas, Talladega and Dover are coming up on the schedule, which could give him an easy win heading into the midpoint of the season. It could also give him the stage points he needs to be competitive in the playoffs.

If nothing else, we are simply in the feeling out stage in Elliott’s progression this season and will have to wait a few weeks in order to see results. One also has to realize that Hendrick and other Chevrolet teams are still dealing with the new aero package, which has so far seemingly had them at a disadvantage.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ford and Toyota just seem to be getting better and better, making it almost impossible for Chevrolet to catch up right now. In all honesty, these factors and Elliott not being where he needs to be performance wise right now, create a kind of perfect storm.

In the end, this perfect storm is going to ultimately dig a hole that Chase Elliott must climb out of if he eventually wants to make the playoffs. With all that in mind however and how good Elliott is when he is running on all cylinders, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he can and he will.

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