Vince McMahon refusing to let top Superstar out of contract

Vince McMahon is a very controversial figure in WWE and whether you love him or hate him, he ultimately ends up doing what he believes is best for business. Unfortunately for former World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler, McMahon believes that he can’t afford to let him go.

It has been rumored that Dolph Ziggler was working for Vince McMahon under what was described as a handshake agreement and the belief was that he would be leaving the company following his match appearance on last week’s Raw

With that being said, however, a source inside WWE has recently informed that Ziggler went to McMahon to officially end the agreement, but was denied by McMahon. In fact, McMahon apparently claimed that he would rather pay Ziggler to sit home than to lose him to anyone else.

While it’s not known whether this is true or not, it does make sense given Ziggler’s loss at SummerSlam and on the next episode of Raw. Of course, Ziggler gave no official announcement during the show, which some Superstars do, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want out of the deal.

In the end, it’s not known where WWE goes from here or even if the details are true or not, but that should become more evident as time goes on.

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