Top-ten Worst NASCAR Drivers To Ever Win A Race

#6 Jimmy Spencer

Remember that guy that used to run his mouth on NASCAR pre show’s during the early 2010’s? His name was Jimmy Spencer and while he seems like the loud mouthed uncle that had too much to drink during Thanksgiving dinner, he was also a race car driver at one point in his career. In fact, he even won two races with legendary car owner, Junior Johnson.

With that being said, the wins were in The 1994 Pepsi 400 and a race at Talladega later that year, which means that they were largely a result of luck. Unfortunately for Spencer, he never ended up proving himself again and went winless for the rest of his Cup Series career. Of course it is noted that he hasn’t retired yet and could very well come back for another stint in NASCAR, but hasn’t been in touch with the community since 2013.

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