Top-ten Worst NASCAR Drivers To Ever Win A Race

#7 Robby Gordon

If nothing else, Robby Gordin is a textbook perfect example of how a driver should not go about winning a NASCAR race. It all unfolded during the 2001 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, which was moved to the last race of the season due to The September 11th terrorist attacks. Gordon was racing through lapped traffic with eventual Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon, when Robby did the unthinkable!

Robby hit Jeff Gordon in the back bumper of his car and moved him into the lapped car of Mike Wallace. Jeff Gordon tried to return the favor under caution, but was black flagged by NASCAR for doing so. Although Gordon still ended up winning the championship, it was Robby Gordon who would lead the final laps of the race and take home his first win.

With that being said, the move was seen as controversial due to what Robby did to Gordon and it definitely left a bad taste in a lot of fans mouths as a result. Robby Gordon would go on to sweep the two road course races on the schedule in 2003, but would never return to victory lane again after that and left  The Cup Series in 2012.

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