Top-ten Worst NASCAR Drivers To Ever Win A Race


#10 Aric Almirola.

Although some will argue that Aric Almirola’s career is still unfolding and it’s impossible to rank him as a bad driver without seeing how the rest of his Cup years pan out, his past record should be a pretty good indicator of what those results will be. Then again, some will probably say that this assessment is unfair due to him being in subpar equipment at RPM during his early years, that doesn’t explain what’s happening now.

With that being said, over the course of the first 19 races of the 2018 season, Almirola stands with 0 wins, 0 top-five’s and eight top ten’s. Keep in mind that this is all while he is in top grade Stewart Haas Racing equipment that has won championships in the past and he still hasn’t had the same performance has his SHR counterparts.

Another thing that qualifies Almirola for this list is the fact this his sole Cup series win, a rain shortened Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona, was never followed up on at all! Even worse, he hasn’t finished better than 16th in the points standings, which is about where he is running right now in top grade equipment with Stewart Haas Racing.

In the end, it’s OK to argue that Almirola has been screwed out of a few victories over the course of his career, but his inconsistency and inability to make the most out of his time at SHR is indicative of him just not being a very good driver. Again, maybe he would have a few more wins if things turned out right for him in a few other races throughout his career, but it’s not like they would put him anywhere near a championship.

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