Top-ten Worst NASCAR Drivers To Ever Win A Race

#1 Jeremy Mayfield

Was it any surprise that this guy would top the list of drivers that fans wouldn’t believe actually won a race during his tenure in The Cup Series? In fact, how can you even have a list counting down the top-20 drivers that fans wouldn’t believe won a race without including the man that moved Dale Earnhardt out of the way in the final laps of a 2000 Pocono race?

What made the moment even more interesting is the fact that Mayfied even used Dale Earnhardt’s signature bump and run move to push Earnhardt out of the way and win the race. He even had the nerve to use Earnhardt’s,” rattle his cage,” line during a post-race interview, which only angered Earnhardt fans more after what they had just saw.

Interestingly enough, Mayfield would go on to win four more races throughout his Cup Series career, including another win at Pocono a win a Michigan, Fontana,  and Richmond. Unfortuantley for Mayfield, he tested positive for Methamphetamine before a Richmond race in 2009 and was suspended by NASCAR as a result. He was never reinstated due to him never entering The Road to recovery program that was created by NASCAR.

In the end, his name isn’t brought up that much, especially after rumors of him developing a meth habit after his career in NASCAR and its not likely that he will ever return to the sport in any capacity. With that being said, that only makes his five wins at The Cup level even more unbelievable and has to make fans wonder whether he was on drugs earlier in his career or not.






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