Top raw superstar calls out locker room for complaining

It’s no secret that Drew McIntyre doesn’t mince words when it comes to what he thinks and he has dropped bombshell after bombshell since arriving on the main roster. Beyond that, his speed, size, and brutality have also helped him make a name for himself on the main roster and is a shining example of a man making the most of his opportunities.​

The WWE roster isn’t in the best of places right now and multiple superstars asking for their release has only made things worse. In fact, between, Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, The Revival and several other wanting out of their contracts with WWE, it’s not a great situation right now.

With that being said, however, not everyone in WWE feels that way and some stars have come out vocally about how the roster needs to stay positive. Furthermore, they need to make the most of the opportunities that they are given and try their best to create meaningful change in WWE.

Drew McIntyre spoke with Brian Fritz of this week and had quite a lot to say about WWE superstars complaining about their situation backstage. While McIntyre does claim that there are a lot of superstars working their butts off every day to improve, he also acknowledges that there those that are dragging the locker room down.

“Yeah, I see a lot of people working hard and trying to make changes,” McIntyre said during the interview,” Since I’ve been back, I’ve seen a few people, in particular, change a lot of themselves and starting working harder in the gym and some areas where, perhaps, they weren’t working hard enough. The truth is, no one is owed anything in WWE. You’re lucky to be here living your dream. So it’s up to you to leave no stone unturned and if there’s an area of your game that’s fairly obvious to me and other people around here that you’re not busting your ass at, then, basically, that’s on you.

“I do see people working hard around me, McIntyre continued, ” but in the same breath, I do see people complaining occasionally. It’s brought to my attention that people are complaining and it’s the same people I’ve seen not giving 100 percent in every area. If they genuinely believe they deserve the world, then maybe they need to take the original Drew McIntyre approach and take a little time away from the company and then once they’re outside the company, they’ll gain perspective. They’re going to wish they figured it out within the company. The reason I know the answers is because I’ve been through it and if you want to do it the way I did it, you can try. But I assure you, it’s not easy. There’s about two or three people that have done it my way and succeeded.”

Drew McIntyre is scheduled to compete in The Money in The Bank ladder match this Sunday against Finn Balor, Andrade, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Ricochet and Ali. If The Scottish Psychopath is somehow able to climb the ladder and nab the briefcase, he will earn himself title opportunity at a time and place of his choosing.

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