Top NASCAR driver caught sandbagging during All-star race

NASCAR held its annual all-star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday and while most of the attention was on the star-studded action happening on the track, most people didn’t seem to notice that one driver was seemingly sandbagging intentionally.

While that might sound like a ridiculous claim to make, especially during an event like the all-star race, it becomes less so when you consider the circumstances. In fact, if you also consider the benefits to doing so, you would see that its perfectly in the realm of possibilities.

With that being said, it definitely seemed like Kyle Busch was intentionally sandbagging during the third segment of the race in order to save his tires for the ten lap shootout. Of course, Busch ultimately came down pit road during the final segment break of the race, which might point to the sandbagging claims to be wrong, but one has to remember that he only put two tires on during the stop.

Even Larry McReynolds, Jeff Gordon, and Darrell Waltrip, who were all calling the race for Fox Sports, speculated that this was Busch’s strategy during the third stage of the race. They also claimed they wouldn’t put it past him to do something like that given the nature of the night’s events.

In all honesty, it’s probably not that big of a deal, but it should serve as a reminder of how NASCAR drivers can game the system for their own needs. Then again, if Kyle Busch didn’t hit the wall and was able to chase down Kyle Larson in the closing laps of the race, wouldn’t it have mattered then?

In the end, Busch should probably be fined for the action, especially since it wasn’t in the spirit of competition for him to do this, but he will most likely not serve any kind of penalty. Beyond that, it seems like NASCAR wants to forget about this little incident altogether, especially since no one has spoken publicly about Busch’s actions and Busch will once again skate by.

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