Top Monster Energy Cup Series Driver Harshly Criticizes Team For Lack Of Effort


What a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Sure, fans hear drivers complain over the radio about the car and even their team on a weekly basis, but to go to the media and complain openly about not getting top equipment has to be even worse. That doesn’t mean drivers aren’t allowed to get frustrated and vent about what their team can do better, but when you go out of your way to criticize your team to the media after all the opportunities you’ve been given, its pretty unprofessional.

Unfortunately for Stewart Haas Racing, Danica Patrick recently spoke to reporters about the possibility of her Monster Energy Cup Series career being over at the end of the season and while she did claim that she did have a good team behind her and a good equipment, she openly criticized her team for their effort and claimed that she didn’t have one of the best cars on the track.

“Do I think that I’ve had the best car on track with the best engine, the best, best, best, best, best? Probably not,” Danica Patrick told reporters about her teams effort, “Have I had good teams? Absolutely? Have I had good equipment? Absolutely. The challenges are those last little details and having a group of people around you that believe that you can do it and are willing to go beyond the call of duty for the job and go the extra mile.”

Again, Patrick does have the right to vent her frustrations about her lack of success on the track in The Cup and Xfinity Series, but she doesn’t seem to be taking her part of the blame in all this.  What makes her gripes even harder to relate to is the fact that she has raced for two very good teams over the course of her short career and hasn’t really had the numbers to show for it.

Patrick started her career with JR Motorsports in The Xfinity Series and despite posting three top-ten’s and one top-five in her second her, she was never able to really gain a strong footing or nab a win. She then moved to The Cup Series full time in 2013 with SHR, but was only successful in grabbing one pole and  one top-ten in her very first year. Things only got progressively worse from there however, with Patrick  finishing in the top-ten six times in five seasons.

If nothing else, it doesn’t seem to matter what equipment you put her in  or what team you put her with, she’s just going to struggle regardless. Furthermore, if she can’t run in the top-ten or even top-15 with a team owner that has won a championship and currently has two drivers in The Playoffs right now, she doesn’t belong in the sport and is only holding onto a ride that someone else deserves a lot more then her.

In the end, her comments about her team aren’t going to help her in free agency and might even be the final nail in the coffin of her Cup Series career. I mean who wants someone that is going to openly criticize her team like that? Someone that seems unappreciative no matter what kind of set up she is given? She would probably complain even if she was in Martin Truex Jr’s car.

Here’s a hint Danica. Its not the car, Its you!






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