Top Five Overrated NASCAR Drivers Heading Into 2018 Season




Don’t be mad, but your favorite driver might be over rated and over hyped.

Of course that’s not always the drivers fault, especially with NASCAR constantly trying to drum up fan interest in the sport now that attendance records and ratings are declining, but the media is known to have their favorites from time to time as well. With that being said and the 2018 season fast approaching, here are five drivers that are over rated heading into the 2018 season.

Keep in mind that your’ favorite drivers inclusion on this list doesn’t mean he won’t be successful in 2018, it just means that there isn’t as much reason to bet on his success as NASCAR and the media would like you to think. In the end, a driver has a chance to prove everyone wrong every time they hit the track for race day and these are just five driver who haven’t been doing that lately.

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