Top Five Most Overrated NASCAR Drivers Of 2018

#1 Chase Elliott.

Like it or not, Chase Elliott is on this list for two reasons. The first reason is that although he won three times in 2018, he failed to win when it actually mattered. The second reason that Elliott is on this list is because of all the hype that he was the answer to the big three.

If nothing else, the media was out of their mind’s and didn’t see the writing on the wall that Chase Elliott wasn’t ready yet. Of course that doesn’t mean he didn’t make an immense amount of progress and isn’t continuing to do so, it just means he was not the answer to the big three.

And for that reason alone, Chase Elliott deserves the number one spot on this list. In fact, between comparing him to the big three on almost a weekly basis to trying to shove him down fans throats as the next big thing, there is no denying that Chase Elliott belongs here. At least for now!

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