Top Five Most Overrated NASCAR Drivers Of 2018

#2 Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson was supposed to set The Cup Series on fire in 2018. Unfortunately for The Chip Gannassi superstar, he often found himself playing catch up with the rest of the pack and even failed to win a race in 2018. Beyond that, he was knocked out of the playoffs pretty early on as well

With that being said and NASCAR media repeatedly hyping up the struggling driver, he really deserves the moniker of overrated this year. Think about it! This is a guy who has won multiple races last season, almost made it to the final eight and then suddenly drops off the next year.

Whether its due to the mounting pressure to be the champion that others see him as or Chevrolet’s general woes in 2018 remains to be seen, but he should have done so much better than 12 top-fives and 19 top-tens in a 36 race season. 

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