Top Five Most Overrated NASCAR Drivers Of 2018

#3 Darrell Wallace Jr

Its no secret that NASCAR and its media have a nasty habit of hyping up their drive for diversity drivers, but things went way to far in 2018. Not only was that evident by Darrell Wallace Jr’s abysmal season after his second place finish in The Daytona 500, but also by how non competitive he was as well.

Of course no one probably thought he would be competitive immediately, but his string of bad finishes in 2018 are indicative of a man that can’t seem to find consistency. Beyond that, he isn’t in the best equipment either at RPM, which only complicates things for the young driver.

In the end, Darrell Wallace Jr is much better than what he showed fans during the 2018 season and I personally can’t wait to see the young man flourish, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he was way too over hyped his rookie year.

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