Top Five Most Overrated NASCAR Drivers Of 2018

#4 Ryan Blaney

New ride new year. Everything was right there for Ryan Blaney in 2018, but he never seemed to have the dominance that people said he would. Beyond that, his lone victory in 2018, a last lap fluke pass at The Charlotte Roval, wasn’t indicative of a future champion, but a guy that just got lucky

And while some might try to defend Blaney and say that he made the playoffs this year, keep in mind that so did both of his teammates. Furthermore, one has to remember that both of his teammates finished higher than him in the final standings and one won the championship.

As if that wasn’t enough to show how over hyped Blaney was this season, why not look at the fact that last year he almost made the final four, but in 2018, didn’t even make it to The round of eight. If nothing else, that’s a sign of a driver going backwards and not coming into their own.

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