Top Five Most Hated NASCAR Drivers In 2018

Ricky Stenhouse Jr 

Ricky Stenhouse Jr needed to win a race to guarantee himself a spot in the 2018 playoffs and while he never quite accomplished that goal, he did piss off a lot of people off along the way. One particularly bad instance was at the Summer Daytona race, where Stenhouse Jr caused no less than three accidents and took out several playoff contenders in the process. 

Not only that, he completely leveled the field to where only about 20 cars were able to finish the race at the end of the 400 miler. Of course, Daytona and other restrictor plate tracks are known for that kind of destruction, but it was Stenhouse Jr’s unapologetic nature and the frequency of which he caused incidents that made fans the angriest at him. 

In the end, fans can debate whether Ricky Stenhouse Jr has talent or not as much as they want, but its becoming pretty clear that he is too aggressive for his own good. It is also becoming clear that he was moved up to The Monster Energy Cup Series way too early and would really have benefited from a few more years in The Xfinity Series. 


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