Top Five Most Hated NASCAR Drivers In 2018

Kevin Harvick 

Whether it was the wind shield buckling incident that took place at Atlanta or the team’s illegal spoiler at Texas, Kevin Harvick and his team were caught several times cheating during the course of the 2018 season. Unfortunately for NASCAR and its fans, Harvick and his team even cheated to win in the playoffs and despite being heavily penalized for the incident, still made the final four and almost won the title. 

Not only was it a huge blight on the sport due to how little they did to eliminate the threat of cheating, it also rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way in the process. Of course, NASCAR constant barrage of big three coverage didn’t do Harvick any favors fan wise as it only helped him become more and more disliked by NASCAR viewers everywhere. 

In the end, cheating is a bad look for the sport, the fans, the drivers, the teams and the sponsors. It is also something that NASCAR must not condone going forward, even if it means eliminating a team from the playoffs entirely. Maybe that’s a little to harsh and the sport should focus on some kind of other punishment, but nothing else has seemed to work yet. 

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