Top Five Most Hated NASCAR Drivers In 2018

 Joey Logano 

Its funny how winning a championship can turn you into the most hated man on The Monster Energy Cup Series circuit and what’s even more funny is all the fans trying to delegitimize   the victory. In fact, from him not winning enough races that season compared to the big three to his liberal use of his front bumper, NASCAR fans are doing everything to explain this one away. 

The problem with that narrative however is that Joey Logano did what no other driver was able to do this season and defeat The Big three in straight up competition. Sure, a few drivers, including Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney and others were able to usurp the big three at times, but Joey Logano did it when it counted at the season’s biggest race. 

Beyond that, he clinched his spot in the final round of the playoffs not by cheating, but by winning a race straight up against last year’s champion, Martin Truex Jr. With that in mind and Kyle Busch being the only other driver to win without cheating in the round of eight, Logano’s win takes on a significant amount of weight at another time when it absolutely counted. 

In the end, those that try to delegitimize Logano’s title in 2018 will always have to deal with the fact that he won when it counted, it won by racing clean and he won despite not having an advantage on pit road. Beyond that, he also won without cheating, which is a lot more than Kevin Harvick fans can say right now! 

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