Top Five Most Hated NASCAR Drivers In 2018

Denny Hamlin 

Denny Hamlin has been very well liked by fans ever since he cost Chase Elliott a spot in the final four two years ago, but things only got worse for The JGR driver at Speedweeks. Unfortunately for Hamlin, he made the mistake of making a joke about drivers taking Adderall to give them a competitive advantage during a podcast interview, which a lot of fans and drivers didn’t see as funny. 

Beyond that, he got into an on-track altercation with Darrell Wallace Jr that left the first-year driver joking about Hamlin’s drug reference during a post-race interview. Of course, Wallace Jr’s comments rubbed fans the wrong way too, but Hamlin’s just seemed worse due to what he already did with Elliott the week before and how he disgraced the sport in the build up to The Daytona 500. 

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