Top Five Most Hated NASCAR Drivers In 2018

Martin Truex Jr 

To be honest, Martin Truex Jr wouldn’t even be on this list if it weren’t for comments, he made following a ten-lap battle with Joey Logano at Martinsville. While Treux Jr ended up losing the contest after about ten laps of side by side racing, he started out the interview by whining about Logano’s last lap move and threatened to take him out. 

Not only did it look extremely bad from a sportmanship angle, it also was a comment that hurt the legitimacy of the championship. Of course, not everyone is going to see it that way and claim that it’s just hyperbole, but by threatening to take a driver out in the championship race as payback, you are actively trying to affect the outcome of a race. 

If nothing else, it just didn’t look good for Martin Truex Jr and really took away from the hero like persona he had over the last couple of years with Furniture Row Racing. In the end, maybe things will get better for Truex Jr as he proves himself at JGR, but if he isn’t able to, fans are going to start only remembering him for his whining after that Martinsville race. 

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