Top Five Most Hated Drivers In NASCAR Right Now

#1 Kyle Busch

Although Kyle Busch has endeared himself to a lot of NASCAR fans over the past couple of years, especially after coming back from a brutal leg injury to win a championship, there are some fans that still can’t stand the guy. Whether that has to do with the almost unparalleled success the man has seen across all three of NASCAR’s top series or his bad attitude when he loses, there are some people that just don’t like him!

Unfortunately for Kyle Busch, it looks like there will always be a group of fans that hate Kyle Busch, but that doesn’t really have to be a bad thing. In fact, every sport needs a villain that stands far above the rest and Kyle Busch just plays that role so perfectly! From his dominating performances on the track, to his tendency to get angry when things go wrong, Busch is the villain that NASCAR desperately needs right now.

In the end, he might never win a popularity award and he might also continue to get booed every week during the driver intros, but that hasn’t stopped the man before and sure as hell won’t stop him now. If nothing else, Kyle Busch is one of those few guys in NASCAR that can get fans riled up and talking heading into the next race and thats what the sport needs more then anything.




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