Top Five Most Hated Drivers In NASCAR Right Now

#2 Austin Dillon

This one should be obvious and honestly has a lot to do with the fact that he drivers a black #3 in The Monster Energy Cup Series. Of course his problems staying competitive has probably only helped Dillon become despised by those that want the number retired, but his cockiness isn’t really helping him out much either.  In fact, compared to Dale Earnhardt, who knew how to be humble, Dillon just isn’t well versed with that personality trait.

With that being said, he is also one of the more livelier personalities in the sport right now, which helps him to appeal to a younger audience and those that are questing for change in the sport. Whether he should really be the flag bearer for such a change in the sport remains to be seen and will be highly performance driven, but one would think that there would be better men or women to fill the role.

in the end, he Dillon probably shouldn’t get as much hate as he does, but controversy will probably always follow him as long as he remains in the #3 car. In fact, Dillon might be better off switching to a new color scheme or paint number if he ever wants to endear himself to the older crowd of NASCAR. either that or continue to only appeal to younger fans who don’t know the history of Dale Earnhardt.

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