Top Five Most Hated Drivers In NASCAR Right Now

#4 Joey Logano.

Some people love him and some people hate him.

While that may one day culminate in him becoming a Dale Earnhardt or Kyle Busch like figure, especially if he can have the same success that he has had early on in his career, some people still can’t deal with his whining after on track incident. Of course the term, whining isn’t really the right word to use in the case of Logano and a little on the cocky side would probably be a better way to describe him.

There’s really nothing wrong with that though. Not only does Logano back up his cockiness on the track by being in championship form in almost every year he has competed, but also by showing aggression out on the track that rivals drivers like Earnhardt, Waltrip and other hot heads from the sports past. If nothing else, fans may despise The Connecticut native, but its only due to the fact that they are angry with the young mans success so far in the sport.

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