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Top Five Cup Series Drivers Likely To Retire After The 2018 Season


Darn you Dale Jr!

Its no secret that when Dale Earnhardt Jr talks, or in this case, tweets, the NASCAR world listens with earnest ears and a pure heart. While that is perfectly understandable, especially given what Dale Earnhardt Jr and his family has meant to NASCAR as a whole, his latest comments on Twitter have sparked rampant speculation of who will be the next driver to retire from The NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series.

With that being said and the 2018 season upon us, here are five drivers that could end up retiring at the end of the 2018 season. While we will definitely try to keep things realistic and consider their contract, there will be a few on the list that are fantasy retirements. Let us know if our picks are too unrealistic or not and who you believe will be the one to retire next!

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