Top Five Best and Worst Moments Of The 2018 NASCAR Season

Best: Aric Almirola’s performance

Let’s be honest here.

Aric Almirola thrilled and wowed throughout the 2018 season and even came close to making it to the final four as well. Of course he was ultimatley undone by his own teammate, Kevin Harvick, who edged him out for the final slot, but that dosen’t take away from everythign that Almirola accomplished this year. Keep in mind that this is the same car that was once piloted by Danica Patrick and struggled to finish in the top-25  pm weekly basis, which only shows how much of an upgrade Almirola was.

With that being said, Almirola finished the season with one win, four top-fives and 17 top-tens. He also had an average finish of 12.8 and only had two DNF’s all year long! Add that to the fact that he almost won The Daytona 500 and you see why SHR has his hopes for this man in the future now that he has top grade equipment behind him.

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