Top Five Best and Worst Moments Of The 2018 NASCAR Season

Worst: Denny Hamlin Adderall joke

During a radio interview with Barstool sports, Denny Hamlin was asked about whether drivers took adderal , which Hamlin claimed they did due to them believing it gave them a advantage. Hamlin later received a lot of flack for the incident and responded by saying that it was just a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. Unfortunately for Hamlin, this didn’t stop him from receiving call to the hauler from NASCAR to discuss how they don’t find those jokes funny

Interestingly enough, the adderal comment was brought up again during a post race interview with Darrel Wallace, who had just had an on track incident with Denny Hamlin. Wallace Jr claimed after the wreck that Hamlin just needed to take some adderall, which angered Hamlin and caused him to tweet about the comment. In the end, Wallace Jr wasn’t talked to about the incident by NASCAR, which seems like a bit of a double standard, but its understandable that Wallace Jr was just caught up in the moment.

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