Top Five Best and Worst Moments Of The 2018 NASCAR Season

Best: Joey Logano becoming Champion

NASCAR  promised that the young guns would eventually rise up  and while that never ended up happening, fans at least got a first time champion out of the deal. Of course some fans are probably upset that the first time champion is Joey Logano, who is someone that a lot of fans see as controversial, but he dug deep and earned it. In fact, he fought the big three for the lead at Homestead Miamia several times and eventually came out on top after running away from the field.

In the end, Joey Logano overcame a 2017 slump, a slow start to the season, a big three that no one would shut up about and one of the most grueling playoff system in sports history to become a first time Cup Series champion and that’s a big accomplishment. It was also Ford’s first championship since 2004, only adding to the specialness of the Logano’s championship.

If nothing else, a truly  great moment for the sport and a promising sign for the future!





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