Top Five Best and Worst Moments Of The 2018 NASCAR Season


The 2018 season is finally over and while some fans aren’t exactly thrilled that Joey Logano is The reigning Cup Series champion, it sure beats some of the other stuff that happened throughout the year. of course , it wasn’t all bad and the sport had some pretty good moments as well, which pretty much made the season a mixed bag of sorts. With that being said and NASCAR  both propelling forward and spiraling backwards in 2018, what were the best and worst moments?

As always, let us know in the comments below  and be sure to tell us what you think the best and worst moments were of the 2018 season. While we will do our best to cover all the top moments of the 2018 season, please remember that there are some moments that might be lost in the shuffle. Now this doesn’t mean they aren’t important or that they didn’t push NASCAR forward or backwards, it’s just an opinion that these other ones did in a much bigger way

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