Top Cup Series driver quits NASCAR

The Coca Cola 600 is NASCAR longest race of the year and while it is truly a spectacle to behold as a fan, it is also a grueling task for the 40 drivers that take on the challenge. In fact, the grit, determination, and good driving needed to win at a place like Charlotte can be soul crushing.

Unfortunately for Cup Series driver and former champion, Kyle Busch, the race was so bad for him that he actually handed in his resignation on the radio during the third stage of the race. The comment was a response to his spotter telling him that he had knicked the wall during entry to turn one.

Below is an exert from NASCAR’s weekly radioactive segment.

Kyle Busch: God bless America. God bless America. God bless America.

Tony Hirschman, spotter: May have nicked the wall entry to [Turn] 1.Busch:

[Expletive] plowing. Plow, plow, plow, plow! I quit! Joe, I send in my resignation.

Whether Kyle Busch actually quits or not remains to be seen and was most likely just an offhand comment after a very up and down night from Busch. With that being said, however, Busch managed to bring his M&MS Toyota camry home third.

In the end, Busch was just expressing the same anger and frustration that would come out of any drivers mouth after an exhausting race like that, but of course, fans are going to go crazy over it because of its Kyle Busch! And sure, Busch hating is probably one thing a lot of fans can agree on, but you have to admire a man that wants to quit if he can’t be the best.

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