Tom Brady Caught Staring At Tampa Bay’s Cheerleaders After Huge Penalty

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports


Its no secret that Tom Brady is getting up there in age.

The man is 40 years and while that doesn’t mean he cant play football competitively anymore, it does mean that there are certain things on the field that he just cant do anymore. While most Brady haters will probably say win a championship without cheating or carry the game on his shoulder in the fourth quarter, its actually a lot of simpler then that.

Unfortunately for Tom Brady, he accidentally did the thing that he just cant do anymore during Thursday night’s game against Tampa Bay and that was sit and stare a the opposing teams cheerleaders. What made the moment even more interesting was the fact that it had just come after Tom Brady and his team were backed up 15 yards for an illegal motion and it looked like he was trying to get his mind off things.

The image can be seen in second quarter highlights on and was truly disturbing to see a that was married staring at other woman on national television. If anything, you have to feel bad for the guys wife and kids that probably sat there and watched that, especially after also having to watch them be held to three points in the first quarter and for alot of the second.

What are your thoughts? Does this change your opinion of Tom Brady? Let us know in the comments below!

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