Ten Things You Need To Know About The France Family Selling NASCAR

#9 Young drivers being negatively affected

Whether you want to believe it or not, the young drivers of NASCAR have the most to gain and lose in this potential deal. Not only is that evident by the fact that it could change NASCAR’s marketing direction moving forward, which could mean a lesser focus on younger drivers, it could also negatively shape the sport as well with format decisions.

For example, to bring back the older fans, a potential buyer could do away with the new points format and go back to the way things were back before the playoffs were implemented. Doing so would give younger drivers less of a chance to compete against their more consistent counterparts and could even drive the sport back to the days of run away finishes. <

The new buyer could also try their hand at enticing some of NASCAR’s retired drivers to come back to the sport for a big pay day, which would also negatively affect the youth movement that has been trying to make a name for themselves in the sportĀ  over the past couple of years. Unfortunately for fans of these drivers, it may be the first step in alienating them.

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