Ten Things You Need To Know About The France Family Selling NASCAR

#2 Possibility of more dirt track races

Believe it or not, someone buying a majority stake in NASCAR, especially one with a love of the sports history, could be the best case scenario for dirt track lovers. While NASCAR could also go in any direction they wanted to after the buyout, the fact that ARCA was bought up by NASCAR a couple of weeks ago shows an interest in having their hands in as many pots as possible.

With that being said, it could mean NASCAR buying up different racing series and adding them to their conglomerate of racing content. Not only would that be good for the sport by having more negotiating power when choosing where to air content, it also could be a step towards having dirt track races becoming a NASCAR staple again.

Although it would odiously start with NASCAR buying up some lower tier dirt track series and attempting to air them on broadcast networks, it could turn into NASCAR moving dirt track races up the ranks and eventually having them in The Cup Series. In the end, its a win for NASCAR fans and dirt track loverĀ  alike, but could be so much more if implemented correctly.

Interestingly enough, a lot of fans have shown interest in more dirt track racing on The NASCAR schedule, especially after the addition of The Mud Summer Classic became an instant favorite with fans, which would mean that there could be a lot of money to be made by experimenting with that kind of content more often.

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