Ten Things NASCAR Must Do In Order To Stay In Business

#3 restrictor plate racing

There has been a lot of experimenting going on lately in the sport of NASCAR and while some of it has come up as unsuccessful, there are other times it doesn’t. Fortunately for NASCAR officials, they really seemed to come up with something interesting when they decided to implement the new restirctor plate format for The All star race.

In fact, the race was a little more interesting than usual, which made it a little bit easier and more fun to watch. Of course some fans are going to claim that it threatens the legitimacy of the sport and takes away the car component from a race, they are usually outnumbered by the fans that are tired of seeing dominance.

In the end, its something that NASCAR fans want to see more of and that should absolutely be enough for the sport to at least experiment a little more with the format. That doesn’t mean NASCAR has to use it in the playoffs or anything like that yet, but having it at races like Kansas, Kentucky, Texas could go a long way in making things more interesting.

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