Ten Things NASCAR Must Do In Order To Stay In Business

#8 Stop relying on one driver to save the sport.

Whether NASCAR fans want to admit it or not, NASCAR made a  huge mistake by investing a majority of their coverage on Dale Earnhardt Jr throughout his career. Not only did it take away the focus from other drivers that were hoping to make a name for themselves, it also got fans angry and created rumors about favoritism being shown to NASCAR’s son.

With that bizarre time in NASCAR in mind, the sport needs to make sure they don’t rely on one or two drivers to bring them into the future. Furthermore, they shouldn’t rely on a second or third generation driver and there’s father’s legacy to sell fans on the fact that they are the future of the sport.

In the end, NASCAR is becoming a melting pot of different stars with different talents and it needs to continue to reflect that. Think about it. There are a lot of drivers to root for and anyone of them could shape the future of NASCAR as we know it. If nothing else, that’s why the sport needs to avoid showing favoritism towards any driver and cater to all race fans instead.

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