Ten Things NASCAR Must Do In Order To Stay In Business

#10 Shorter schedule

Let’s be honest here.

No matter how much you claim to love NASCAR, you have to admit that the 36 race schedule is daunting at times and loses its luster a couple races in. Beyond that, it is extremely poor planning and marketing for NASCAR’s playoffs to be happening at the same time as NFL W, which forces fans to choose every single Sunday.

If nothing else, NASCAR is almost always going to lose that battle to The NFL and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they need to shorten the schedule. Not only will doing so allow for NASCAR to hold more attention heading into their postseason, it also makes the regular season a little less strenuous as well.

With that being said, NASCARĀ  should definitely look into shortening the schedule to 26 races and having the last ten decide the playoffs as normal. Interestingly enough, this will create much more excitement and intensity during the regular season, especially with only 16 races races to lock yourself into the playoffs and will keep fans interested in the meantime.

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