Ten Things NASCAR Must Do In Order To Stay In Business


NASCAR is becoming more and more of a niche sport by the year and while there will always be dedicated minority that choose to religiously follow the 36 race season, there are others that are going to eventually give up on the sport. Beyond there, there are already a handful of sponsors that have given up on NASCAR.

As if the departure of Lowe’s Home Improvement, Camping World, Bass Pro Shops and Monster Energy, NASCAR is also dealing with lower ratings , empty stands and popular veterans retiring year after year, which is taking its own toll on the sport. With that being said, what does NASCAR need to do to turn all this around and keep the sport in business?

Furthermore, is it even possible for NASCAR to stay in business with the trajectory their sport has taken over the last decade? While its probably impossible to know that without a crystal ball and maybe some inside information, here are ten things that NASCAR needs to do in order to stay in business.

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