Five Times NASCAR Fans Made The Sport Look Bad

#2 Claiming that Kyle Busch’s 2016 Championship shouldn’t count

Kyle Busch returned after breaking both his legs during an Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway and while he would go on to win the championship in one of the most memorable seasons in NASCAR history, NASCAR fans repeatedly tried to minimize the accomplishment due to the fact that he didn’t compete in all the races that year.

Of course the reason for that was because he was rehabbing his two broken legs, but fans didn’t really seem to care since it was Kyle Busch. With that being said, Busch returned to The Cup Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway and put on an absolute clinic to win the first championship of his career.

Not only that, he also won five races in the process, which was an extraordinary feat given just how bad his injuries were. In the end, fans trying to minimize this accomplishment and just writing him off as waiver champion, just shows how biased some of these fans really are and also shows that they don’t appreciate pure talent behind the wheel of a stockcar.

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