Five Times NASCAR Fans Made The Sport Look Bad

#3 Cheering when Matt Kenseth took Joey Logano out at Martisvile

Cheering and jeering for your favorite and least favorite person in a particular sport is the right of any fan, but doing so in some instances is borderline hypocritical. Take for example the incident between Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth in 2016, where  Kenseth came back on the track after an earlier incident with the sole purpose of taking out Logano and ruining his day.

Of course Logano isn’t blameless in this situation either, especially since he wrecked Matt Kenseth once or twice throughout the playoffs in order to win the race, but taking a driver out when not even in contention was a little bit too far. What was also too far was the fact that Kenseth was greeted with a standing ovation after he took the leader out.

Argue with this if you want, but to cheer and give a standing ovation to a driver that blatantly took out another driver is nothing more then a cowards move and very hypocritical. NASCAR is supposed to be a test of speed, endurance and skill and to cheer that someone you don’t like was taken out is not indicative of any of those.

The best man didn’t win, the best man didn’t make it to the final round of the playoffs and the best man didn’t win the championship either.

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