Five Times NASCAR Fans Made The Sport Look Bad

Do you think NASCAR fans should be ashamed of these moments?


Things go too far sometimes in NASCAR and other sports as well.

Take The Malice in the palace for example, where several NBA superstars got into a fight with each other and eventually members of the onlooking crowd. While things were eventually broken up and players sent to their respective locker rooms, it was a moment that exemplified not only the worst in the players, but the worst in the fans as well for throwing drinks at the players.

With that being said, its no secret that every sport has these types of moments throughout their history and unfortunately, NASCAR is no exception tp rule. Of course a lot of the things NASCAR fans have done will come no where the near the level of insanity as The Malice in the palace, but NASCAR has certainly had their fair share of these controversial moments.

Below are five such examples of times that fans went too far and made the sport look bad in the process. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us what you thought the worst moment was as well!

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