Sports legend Gives Denny Hamlin controversial advice after New Hampshire loss

Denny Hamlin

Whether you love him or hate him, he will arguably have a place among one of the greatest drivers of all time. Maybe not a first-ballot Hall of Famer, or even a second, but sooner or later on down the line fans are going to start to appreciate the amazing career this man put together.

Not only is that evident by his 33 wins across 14 seasons in The NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, but also by how close he has come to the championship several times throughout his career. In fact, he already has two wins this season and a guaranteed spot in this year’s playoffs.

With that being said, it would have been three wins if he was able to beat eventual race winner, Kevin Harvick to the line during last Sunday’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but just came up short. Interestingly enough, however, sports legend, Michael Jordan had some very interesting advice for The Cup Series veteran.

“From that point on, he started texting me almost every other week or so to say, ‘Hey good luck this weekend.’ Hamlin said when asked about his friendship with Jordan during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show,” And then he’ll text me after the race and say, ‘Good job,’ or, ‘What the hell’d you do? Why’d you do that?’”

“And this past weekend when I finished second on the last lap, “Hamlin explained ” it was like expletive. He was like, ‘Damn it.” He was like, ‘So close!’ He said, ‘You should have moved him.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know I should have knocked him out of the way.’ He was like, ‘He would have done it to you! You get him first!’ So he’s pretty passionate about it.”

While Hamlin ultimately ended up getting the short end of the stick at New Hampshire, he still sits fourth in the points standings right now and has a legitimate shot at going far in the playoffs. Beyond that, the bonus points he has accumulated, 13 to be exact, could also give him an advantage when it comes to making it past the first few rounds.

In the end, anything is possible and Hamlin has certainly put together a hell of a run this season. With that being said, it’s still not known whether it will culminate in a championship or not, but its going to be interesting to watch where he goes from here with so much momentum behind him!

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