Six NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Long In The Playoffs

#1 Kyle Busch

Did you think Martin Treux Jr was the only member of the big three that would end up on this list? While that would have been true if only the first round was considered, when you look a little bit further out, you see it is Kyle Busch that will have the most trouble. In fact, if you look at the second round in particular , he has struggled to place a top-ten finish at any of tracks this season.

With that being said, the interesting part is how good Kyle Busch is statistically in the third of the playoffs. Not only does he have Texas, which he won at earlier this year, and two second place finishes at Martinsville and Phoenix. If nothing else, Kyle Busch could very well win it all, but that’s only if he can make it past the second round of the playoffs.

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