Six NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Long In The Playoffs

#4 Ricky Stenhouse Jr

Its not looking good for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Not that it has at any point throughout the 2018 season so far, but it looks like things are only going to get worse as time goes on. Unfortunately for Stenhouse and his team, the first round consists of Las Vegas, and Richmond, both tracks he failed to place in the top-15 at this year.

Then you have The Charlotte Road course set to end the first round for the first time in the sports history, which is not a historically great track type for Stenhouse Jr. If you look at Sonoma and Watkins Glen earlier this season, he finished 18th and 16th respectively. In the end, maybe if a few other drivers mess up he can squirm his way into the top-12, but that kind of wishful thinking needs to be followed by a huge uptick in performance.

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