Six NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Long In The Playoffs


Its that time of year again.

That special time of the year when 16 drivers get to compete in a four round ten race playoff spectacular to crown a new Cup Series champion. It is also the time of the year that seperates the contenders from the pretenders, which is always interesting to see after 26 weeks of regular season racing.

Who has the mettle and who is all hype? While anything can happen in the final ten races of the 2018, there are certain indicators that make some candidates stronger then others. In fact, if you look at this year’s playoff field you will see a handful of pretenders and not a lot of contenders that can come away with the sports biggest trophy.

In the end, we here at are using statistics, momentum and equipment situation  to try to give you our picks for drivers that won’t last long in the playoffs. Of course this is not an end all be all list and could be wrong about a couple of the picks, but we are only basing it off of the information that we have seen.

Here are the pretenders.

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