Seven Ways WWE Is Manipulating Fans Into Giving Up On Finn Balor

#1 Losing when it counts.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and take a moment to recognize¬† that Finn Balor always comes up short in big matches. It happened during The Universal title match between him and Roman Reigns, it happened in his frequent matches with Bruan Strowman and it even happened during his Intercontinental title feud wit Seth Rollins.

If nothing else, WWE continues to use Balor as the setup guy to help elevate other superstars and don’t seem to care about the effect it has on him. Unfortunately for Balor, this means that WWE uses Balor to help put the heels on Smackdown Live over, which seems to only hurt Balor as time goes on.

Not only do these losses make him an illegitimate contender to The Universal title, it also absolutely kills the groundswell of support that Balor has been able to build over the last couple of years. Of course Balor is given a win every once in a while against lackluster opponents, but when it counts, he losses just like any other midcard jobber.


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