Seven Ways WWE Is Manipulating Fans Into Giving Up On Finn Balor

#2 The Shield reunion

Its basically a slide of hands.

While WWE is distracting fans with the current Shield Reunion that is dominating Raw right now, the company in slowly starting to move Balor back down the card again. It all started the night after Summerslam, where despite getting a title match against Reigns, Balor proceeded to lose and then be removed from the title picture when The Shield returned.

Not only was this used as a way to get Balor out of the title picture in as seamless of a transition as possible, it also brought back a fan favorite faction that would make the loss of Finn Balor much more easier to take. In the end, this has worked to an extent so far on Raw and fans are slowly but surely starting to see Balor as the filler he now is.

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